December 3, 2021

Why was this blog called the Cult of the Dead Bird?

Why was this blog called the Cult of the Dead Bird? 

The sign of the Dead Bird

Note – In September 2019 I changed the name of the blog to Airsoft J2. The focus on quality kit remains but because the blog has become very airsoft orientated, I’m going to stick with that focus rather than trying to review loads of general outdoor kit as well.

This is what I originally wrote when setting up the origianal blog:

Arc’teryx make superlative outdoor and tactical equipment. I’ve been an advocate since buying a Theta AR jacket in 2001 (which finally bit the dust last year, 15 years later). I’m a self-confessed gear geek and so love the efficiency of design and the build quality (and the consequent longevity). I’m also pretty tough on my kit and keep finding that Arc’Teryx outlasts the likes of Montaine, Marmot and Rab which I otherwise own. On that basis, I’m probably a minor fan boy and should probably accept it. Their logo is a graphic of the famous  fossil of the archeopteryx lithographica at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. 

Anyway, while plodding through the Yellowstone back country last autumn I realised that everything I was wearing (other than my socks) had been made by Arc’teryx. Obviously I had a problem. And it wasn’t the smartwool socks. Not that Arc’teryx do everything brilliantly: for instance, I really don’t get on with their synthetic base layers and they just don’t seem to get much fleece right for my body. Because of this, I do use lots of other kit as well – this article covers my favourties.

And so, as the first act in addressing the problem, I accept its existence. Not that I’m planning to change my purchasing habits any time soon. This blog is mostly going to be gear reviews – mostly long-term reviews. It won’t all be Dead Bird but a good amount will be but I don’t think people will have a problem with that. Most reviews I read about Arc’teryx kit is someone opening a box and showing off features rather than from someone who’s used and abused the kit: I certainly do both.

For disclosure’s sake, nothing I’ve got has been given to me by Arc’teryx. I’ve picked up things in sales with with various discounts over the years and have paid full price only once: shoes (well worth it).

As a rule, I do like smaller independent manufacturers – people like Alpkit in the UK and Enlightened Equipment in the US, so there will be the odd bit of more esoteric kit coming across this from time time – including a good bit of military-style kit which I use for airsofting and other stuff.

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