December 3, 2021

My Kit Philosophy

I like stuff that works.

Dinner time at -15C. Patagonia R1 hoody, Arc’teryx Gamma jkt and
Mountain Equipment Annapurna downie over everything. Toasty.
And Alpkit long-handled spork. Best eating implement ever.

This generally means:

  • Well designed – points for being efficient, elegent and innovative
  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Does several things and/or can be used in different ways. I dislike one trick ponys.
  • Un-fussy – the less faff the better
  • Reasonably longevity for the price and function
  • Good value (not in any way the same as cheap)
  • Preferably from small, independent manufacturers
  • Less common – if there’s a choice between something everyone has and a less common bit of kit, I’ll often move away from the majority)
  • Preferably British made

Without giving away an excessive amount, it’s worth saving a little about my body shape for fit etc. My body shape is the reason that I don’t have loads of Hagloffs kit for instance. What little I have is amazing but it just doesn’t fit me. Same with a lot of Arc’teryx trousers.

I’m around 177cm tall, with a 34 inch waist (80kg), big fat thighs and fat arse (I blame a childhood of rugby, football and mountain biking). I usually wear a medium in most things but occasionally will get a large to get over my legs. I think that’s enough about me.

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