April 12, 2021

Favourite Manufacturers

Favourite Manufacturers
I’ve listed out my favourite brands for various bits of kit (other than The Dead Bird). If there’s a category of kit that I’ve missed, let me know!

Black Diamond fleece and Montaine Terra trs –
probably the best value rock climbing trs around.

Base layers
Smartwool (including socks) http://www.smartwool.com/
Meindl http://www.meindl.co.uk/
5.10 http://www.fiveten.com/uk
Arc’Teryx https://arcteryx.com/
Black Diamond are making cracking fleeces these days http://blackdiamondequipment.com/

And you can’t go wrong with the classic Patagonia R1 series (and better sweater)

Soft and hard shell outer Layers
It’s pricy but the fit, fabrics and construction are superb: Norrona https://www.norrona.com/
My first proper goretex back in 2003 was a Theta AR which lasted for 14 years. Arc’Teryx  https://arcteryx.com/

PHD http://www.phdesigns.co.uk/
Alpkit http://alpkit.com/

The best gloves I’ve ever had were British Army issue Mk2 Solder2000 leather gloves with goretex membrane. Warm, waterproof, cheap and last forever.

For cold weather, PHD have stopped me getting frostbite in the Arctic and come very highly recommended.

And again, I can’t help but love my Arc’Teryx winter gloves for dexterity, fit and comfort https://arcteryx.com/

Mystery Ranch http://www.mysteryranch.com/
And the ubiquitous Dead Bird LEAF Line https://leaf.arcteryx.com
All of my bikepacking kit comes from http://alpkit.com/ who make almost all of it in the UK, which is brilliant (and unfortunately, very rare).

Sleeping Bags
I’ve actually gone all quilt these days – far more comfortable than a sleeping bag for front and side sleepers: Enlightened Equipment are leading the charge here: http://www.enlightenedequipment.com/

And a top tip to Alpkit as well. UK based, high quality, ethical and excellent value: http://alpkit.com/

Sleeping Mats
Alpkit http://alpkit.com/
Thermarest https://www.thermarest.com/

Alpkit – for expedition and 4 season backpacking
Big Agnes – for fast and light
British Army goretex Bivi bag  – courtesy of HM the Queen

Alpkit http://alpkit.com/
Snow Peak https://snowpeak.com/

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